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"Solsticized" Celebrity Millennium-class Review

A look at the “new” Celebrity Millennium

We just had a chance to inspect the new “Solsticized” Celebrity Millennium and we’re so impressed! This ship, along with the other three ships in this class, have been some of our top-rated ships for several years now, very popular with our clients and always getting excellent reviews. Now, though, the Millennium is even more beautiful.

This upgrade included adding more optional restaurants onboard, and two really stood out. The dining area for the Aqua-class cabins, Blu, is absolutely beautiful – much prettier than the ones we’ve seen on the Solstice and the Equinox. The other, which has been getting rave comments on all ships which have it, is Qsine – a funky and fun place to enjoy uniquely served tastings and get to meet fellow cruisers as you all look to see what people at the next table got. Add to this sweet or savory crepes at Bistro on Five, a gorgeous wine cellar, an martini/ice bar, a self-serve wine bar, and you’ve still not seen all of the new venues.

There are upgraded cabins, as well. A new category for this class ship are the Aqua-class cabins, more spa-like and with special spa amenities. Anyone who books one of these will have dinner each night in Blu rather than the main dining room, to take advantage of healthier choices. They also get complimentary access to the Persian Garden in the Spa.

The A1 Aqua Class balcony cabins on Deck 11 are completely new, occupying a very private area in the aft part of that deck. The new cabins are beautiful, with larger balconies – a well-kept secret that is not in the brochures. We highly recommend these.

Michael’s Club has become a bar for not only fine liquors like whisky or cognac, but now serves over 64 international craft beers. This should prove to be a very popular place.

The one thing we saw that was disappointing is that the kid’s Fun Factory has been moved to take up part of the space in the observation lounge, taking away part of what used to be 180-degree views of the ocean. However, the observation lounge is still large and the best place to be when in a scenic area. And the Fun Factory itself is wonderful! Larger than before, with enthusiastic counselors, this area drew our attention. The kids are going to love it! It’s completely closed off, so people in the observation lounge won’t even know it’s there unless they’ve been on the Millennium before.

There are other subtle changes everywhere, from a slightly different look in the theater to a changed color scheme in the cabins – slightly darker accent colors so not the almost bland pastels from before – to the rather blatantly commercial Apple ILounge. And you can’t see some changes, like the new eXhale bedding, almost completely made of sustainable materials, hypo-allergenic, and anti-bacterial. It’s hard to remember exactly what things looked like before the changes, but the feeling onboard is one of updated elegance. Many of our clients prefer the size of the Millennium-class ships to those in the Solstice-class, and now they can have all of those luxuries from Solstice-class ships on these as well. The thought that went into these changes is obvious, and this ship continues to be outstanding.

John & Rosemary Roberts



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