Brooks Aehron Music at Sea”

Brooks’ London + London to Lisbon Cruise

13-nights - September 8 to September 21, 2018

Doubletree Westminster Hotel London + Azamara Journey













Join us for a 2-night visit to Brooks’ London including a concert at his alma mater, the Royal College of Music (pictured above), then board Azamara Journey at  Tower Bridge in London and cruise down the Thames River to start an 11-night cruise to Lisbon, Portugal.  The first port is beautiful and world famous Bordeaux, France for 3 days in this lovely area with chateaux, wineries, medieval towns, and gorgeous countryside.  St. Jean de Luz in France is next where you can visit the famous seaside of Biarritz and see the astounding palace Napoleon III’s wife built there.  Bilbao, Spain, follows with the world famous Guggenheim Museum;  then Gijon, Spain, for the famous Crafts Market;  La Coruna, Spain (with the Roman Tower of Hercules, a UNESCO World Heritage Site); followed by Porto, Portugal, and ending with an overnight in Lisbon, Portugal.  The cruise ends on Sept. 21st in Lisbon.

Join us for an Exclusive 13-night Music at Sea Package


Our Music at Sea (MAS) Package includes: 


Our 13-night package price per person double occupancy in US$                


  Cabin choices

  Square Feet includes balcony

Our Price with MAS

Package  (Note 1)

Azamara Price without MAS Package




  Oceanview Category 5 – 170 SF   



Midship-deck 4

  Private Balcony Cat V3 - 215SF         



Fore/Aft deck 6/7

  Private Balcony Cat V2 - 215SF         



Mid-ship deck 6/7

  Private Balcony Cat V1 - 215SF         



Mid-ship deck 8

  Private Balcony Cat VX -  215SF         



Aft facing

  Continental Suite Cat N2– 326SF       



Aft deck 8

  Continental Suite Cat N1– 326SF       



Mid-ship deck 8

  Other suites



Fore & aft corners


Note 1:  Our Music at Sea Package includes 2-nights London hotel, Brooks’ concert at the Royal College of Music, transfer to Royal College and pier, the 11-night Azamara Journey cruise at our great group rate, plus two concerts onboard, dining & coffees with Brooks




September 8-10, 2018 - London

London – so much to see and so many ways to see it. Get the big picture from atop the London Eye, and a close up sailing through time on the River Thames, past the historic Houses of Parliament and Tower of London, and the new city of the Tate Modern and Canary Wharf - a trendy live/work district.

You’ll have Sept 8th and 9th to explore London.  Enjoy the vast collection of treasures in the British Museum, or take a tour of Shakespeare’s Globe, a few hundred yards from where the original stood.  Rest up with a spot of afternoon tea, and spend the evening in the West End, where theatrical options are many, excellent, and star-studded. 

We will have our concert at the Royal College of Music in London on Monday, Sept 10th after we check out of the hotel.  Our coach will take us and our luggage to the theater for a tour of the Royal College of Music and then our concert from Brooks.  After the concert our coach will take us to the Tower Bridge pier to board Azamara Journey. 

Sept 12, 2018 11:15pm to 9:15pm on Sept 14, 2018   Bordeaux, France

The Pearl of Aquitaine

Bordeaux’s fortunes have long been tied to viticulture, beginning with an expansion of the wine trade with England in the 14th century. As a result it is a handsome and cohesive city of uniform classical and neoclassical style, with monumental buildings and many fine mansions financed by the almighty grape.

The nearby countryside is alive with wine chateaux sporting impressive appellations such as Pauillac, Sauternes, Margaux, and Saint-Emilion. A visit is an excellent opportunity to learn more about wine production and appreciation, which of course requires a considerable amount of tasting to accomplish!  





The St. Eloi Gate gate was originally built as part of the city’s fortifications in the 1400s. Shortly after completion, a giant bell was added. A “new” bell weighing 16,000lbs was installed in 1759. The gate and the bell are typical of the region and are part of Bordeaux’s official symbol. 

Be sure to try the French bakeries (Patisseries) and the sidewalk cafes.  You may think you’ve found heaven.





Jardin Public Gardens was designed and built in the 1700s. One hundred years later, it was redesigned in the English style. Covering close to 25 acres in the heart of the city, the garden is filled with lush plants, tree-lined ponds, and ponds that many swans and ducks call home.


On Sept. 13th Brooks will perform his second private concert exclusively for Music at Sea guests in the Cabaret Lounge while we are in Bordeaux . We will announce the time later.








Sept. 15, 2018  St. Jean de Luz


Voyage to A Stunning Beach Retreat

One of France’s most picturesque beach retreats, St. Jean de Luz is a prosperous Basque town best known for its architecture and cuisine.  The fishing port grew rich in the 16th century from fishing and whaling, supplemented by piracy that was backed by the French king. In fact many of the handsome old houses in town were built on the proceeds.

In the magnificent Church of St John the Baptist, with its fabulous baroque altar, the Sun King, Louis XIV King of France, married Marie-Therese of Spain in 1660.



 Discover Biarritz (see photo) on this walking tour, following in the royal and imperial footsteps. Biarritz came to fame when Empress Eugenie (wife of Napoleon III) fell in love with Basque country and built a Palace on the beach (which is now the World Class Hotel du Palais).











Sept. 16, 2018  Bilbao, Spain

Voyage to fine dining and art

If Bilbao wasn't always a household name, it was transformed with the opening of Frank Gehry's groundbreaking Guggenheim Museum in 1997.

Located in the heart of the Basque Country, Bilbao became an instant media darling and tourist mecca.

And that was just the beginning of an exciting phase of development in infrastructure and cultural activity, which combined with the Basque love of food, wine, and laughter, solidified the city's place in the annals of tourism.


Our AzAmazing Evening experience included with our cruise will be Bilbao! 
Experience the passion of Basque music and culture during a performance at Bilbao’s wonderfully restored Theatre Campos Eliseos. Commonly called “The Chocolate Box” in reference to its unique façade, this stunning showplace was designed in 1902 by renowned architect, Alfredo Acebal. Renovated and reopened in 2010, on this night it’s reserved solely for  Azamara guests. Arrive to a private reception and sip wine or beer as you take in the ambiance of this playfully designed masterpiece. Prior to show time, the ship’s Captain or Cruise Director will provide a heartfelt welcome and say a few words regarding the venue and the night’s entertainment. Then, let the fun begin as European sensation, Korrontzi, takes to the stage, performing their unique blend of Basque, and modern dance art, whose roots are based in the movements and steps that defines the basque Culture, as a symbol of the province and other sounds. A vibrant troupe of 40 dancers brings the show to a feverish pitch during this musical extravaganza. Highlights:



Sept. 17, 2018 Gijon, Spain           

Gem of the Bay of Biscay

While not as overtly glamorous as some of Spain’s other coastal cities, Gijón is the apple of the Bay of Biscay’s eye. And speaking of the fruit, what wine is to Rioja, cider is to Gijón and the surrounding region, Asturias. Follow the Cider Trail—a guided tour to some of the best cider houses and restaurants in the city—to get a taste for this important cultural tradition.

For more local culture, the Ecological and Crafts Market of Gijón features local crafts made in traditional methods from environmentally friendly materials. More than just a place to pick up a unique souvenir for the folks back home, the Crafts Market is a fascinating glimpse into the historic arts and crafts of the area.

And if abundant amounts of cider and one-of-a-kind crafts aren’t enough to get you packing your bags, Gijón has the distinct honor of having the largest number of bakeries per capita in all of Spain. It’s rumored that the best croissant in all the land can be found in this charming city as well. But we’ll leave that up to you to discover.  After all, finding it is half the fun!









Sept 18, 2018 La Coruna, Spain             


The Glass City                    

You would be hard-pressed to find a city more shaped and impacted by the sea than La Coruna, Spain. You can see this influence in the Roman Tower of Hercules, a UNESCO World Heritage Site designated stone lighthouse. Standing guard over the city, the 180-foot Tower marks one end of the spectacular Paseo Marítimo promenade—one of the longest in Europe—and has been in operation since approximately the 2nd century AD. Walk some or all of the eight-mile long promenade to see some of the city’s other waterfront highlights like the Marina, Castelo de San Antón, the Millennium monument, and the most popular beaches—Orzán and Riazor.




The strong nautical influence can also be seen in the characteristic glazed window balconies (also known as galerias) that give La Coruna its nickname the Glass City. Based on the design of the back of a warship, this signature architectural feature can be seen in the traditional fishermen’s homes along the harbor, so remember to look up, way up, when exploring the streets.

Finally, the sea has also heavily influenced the cuisine in La Coruna. Delectable fresh seafood like pulpo á feira (octopus and potatoes) and plenty of tapas can be found at charming restaurants and bistros throughout the city.














Sept 19, 2018 Porto, Portugal                                     

The Unvanquished City

At the mouth of the Rio Douro lies the city of Porto, known mostly for its port wine trade.

With origins dating back to the 5th century, there is plenty to see in this town that was named European Capital of Culture in 2001. Stroll the Ribeira neighborhood along the river, explore the Cathedral area, or tour the port lodges of Vila Nova de Gaia across the river.

Savoring a taste of tawny port, tripe, and seafood while here is highly recommended.



Sept 20, 2018 Lisbon, Portugal

Cruise to the City of Seven Hills

Lisbon is one of the oldest cities in the world. Its magnificent harbor made it a logical trading port as far back as the Phoenicians, as well as a departure point for 15th century voyages sponsored by Prince Henry the Navigator, patron of Portuguese explorers.

The city is rich in architecture, from Romanesque and Gothic to Post Modern, and criss-crossed by monument-studded grand boulevards.

Today it is seeking a place on the world stage by hosting, in addition to its own active cultural calendar, film festivals, art, fashion, and design shows, book fairs, marathons, and rock concerts.


September 20th , 2018 on board in Lisbon


Brooks will perform his third and final concert exclusively for Music at Sea guests and we will have a farewell get together where you can purchase his new CD/ DVD at a reduced rate and have him dedicate it to you as a great souvenir of your shared journey.







On Sept 21, 2018 – you will disembark and head home on to your next destination.  We hope to see you again soon!










       Cabin Options on Azamara Journey

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Veranda  215 SF*

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Continental Suite (Junior Suite) 326 SF*

Club SPA Suite 414 SF*



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